ConMin West Africa 2017

ConMin West Africa launches into Abuja in June 2017 to service the rapidly growing construction machinery and mining industries in Africa.

Currently there is no forum in West Africa that offers a platform for the key stake holders, both regionally and internationally, to converge and discuss business prospects while also addressing pertinent issues facing the industries. This is what ConMin West Africa will provide.

Brought to you by IMAG – a subsidiary of the organiser of bauma and Afrocet Montgomery the organiser of Electra Mining Africa, this flagship event is set to shine a spotlight on the multitude of opportunities in the region for companies and individuals looking to grow their businesses, find partnership opportunities or simply network and knowledge share.

The Nigerian Mining Submit

A two day program hosted by the Ministry of SolidMinerals Development. The program will feature a series of keynote speeches, panel discussions and technical sessions that address strategic-level industry topics within the West African Mining sector.There has never been a better time to engage the Nigerian mining space. With a new Administration in place the Nigerian Federal Government will be introducing and implementing a regime of robust mining legislation, pro-growth polices and supporting regulatory framework in an attempt to create a globally competitive platform for local and International stakeholders in Nigeria’s mining and mineral processing sector.

With top Federal support the program will attract representation from the key Nigerian states who will play a leading role in developing the mining and mineral sector over what is set to be a defining decade of diversification from oil for Nigeria.The Nigerian mining sector already plays a catalytic role on many of the neighboring countries in the ECOWAS region, the program will also focusing on the crucial role the mining and mineral sector has on the these countries’ economies, including the challenges major stakeholders are currently facing in the industry.
Who will you meet: Top government officials, State Governors, Directors of mining operators, Legal advisers, Geologists, Exploration managers, CEO/directors of key industry service providers, Senior representatives from international and regional institutions.

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