Congress invests $59 million in hydropower research and development Statement of NHA Executive Director Linda Church Ciocc

The following is a statement from Linda Church Ciocci, Executive Director of the National Hydropower Association, on the passage of the fiscal year 2012 budget over the weekend.

“NHA commends Senate and House appropriations leadership on putting together a package that invests in hydropower technologies, both conventional and new marine and hydrokinetic.  The bill passed today provides $59 million to the Department of Energy’s Water Power Program, representing a 51 percent increase over the Administration’s request.

“Research and development of more efficient and environmentally-friendly turbines allows the hydropower industry to maximize its contribution to the country’s renewable energy portfolio.  R&D funding also allows DOE to continue its important role in gathering baseline industry data, developing updated resource assessments and new growth analyses, studying project operations for maximization of both energy and environmental values, as well as studying new issues that affect the industry.

“From conventional hydro and conduit projects to pumped storage to ocean and tidal technologies, growth throughout the hydropower sector will play a critical role in meeting our country’s clean energy and economic goals. The tremendous support shown by Congress today sets a strong foundation to realize the benefits of affordable, reliable, sustainable hydropower generation.”