Wednesday, June 19, 2019

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Since the world’s first artificial nuclear reactor came online in 1942 - the Chicago Pile-1 at the University of Chicago - the history of nuclear power and the reactors that produced it is equal parts triumphant and troubled. It is that mixed bag of high and low points that find...


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Research institute CERN signs contract with Swedish stainless steel fastener specialist...

Leading Swedish manufacturer of premium stainless steel fasteners BUMAX has signed a contract with scientific research institute CERN for more than a quarter...
GE Showcases g3 Environment

GE Showcases g3 Environmentally-Friendly, High-Voltage Switchgear Equipment at Elfack 2019

GE Renewable Energy’s Grid Solutions business announced it is showcasing its F35-145 kV gas-insulated substation at Elfack in Göteborg, the Nordic’s largest annual trade...
Preem and Vattenfall partnership

Preem and Vattenfall deepen partnership for the production of fossil-free fuel...

Vattenfall and Preem want to lead the transition towards a sustainable society. A new three-year agreement forms the foundation for increased collaboration around fossil-free...
BP Thunder Horse South Expansion Phase 2 project

BP approves Thunder Horse South Expansion Phase 2

BP has sanctioned development of the Thunder Horse South Expansion Phase 2 project in the deep water Gulf of Mexico. The project will further...

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