Monday, November 28, 2022

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As we move into a new year. Sven Lindström, CEO of Swedish solar energy technology leader Midsummer, gives us his insights as to what new trends we can we expect from the solar and renewable energy sectors in the new year: Volatile energy prices The turbulence in electricity markets will continue...


Oil & Gas

Caterpillar Extends Lineup of Mobile Power Solutions Meeting EU Stage V Emission Standards with 310 KVA Cat XQP310 Generator Set

Caterpillar Expands Range of Mobile Power Solutions Meeting EU Stage V...

Caterpillar Inc. announced the launch of the 115 kVA Cat® XQP115 generator set, a new mobile power solution that extends the company’s lineup of...

Brussels Pushes Gas Price Ceiling Citing EU Displeasure

The European Commission has failed to submit the legislative proposal required for the development of a prospective EU-wide gas price ceiling, and countries continue...

Stiff Contest To Become The Next US LNG Exporter To Europe

Eight months have passed since Russia invaded Ukraine, which caused a spike in global commodity prices and sent energy-starved nations into a frenzy of...

European Refiners Overstocked As Anxiety of Oil Crisis Fades

As a result of the impending EU ban on Russian oil, European refineries are now overstocked with petroleum, contrary to expectations. The front-month Brent...

US, EU Plan New Pact Targeting Oil And Gas Methane Emissions

In an effort to increase efforts to cut emissions of the potent greenhouse gas methane from the fossil fuel sector, the United States and...

Sakhalin 2 From Russia Estimates A Drop In LNG Shipments

The Sakhalin 2 development in Russia's far east may need to restrict gas production, according to state-controlled gas giant Gazprom, in order to prolong...

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