Saturday, June 3, 2023

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As we move into a new year. Sven Lindström, CEO of Swedish solar energy technology leader Midsummer, gives us his insights as to what new trends we can we expect from the solar and renewable energy sectors in the new year: Volatile energy prices The turbulence in electricity markets will continue...


Oil & Gas

India And Australia Join Forces In Green Hydrogen Taskforce

India And Australia Join Forces In Green Hydrogen Taskforce

It has come to light that India and Australia will be working together when it comes to swapping ideas as well as expertise, as...

Oil & Gas Sector Aims For 60% Emission Reduction By 2030

The oil and gas sector aims to reduce emissions by 60% by 2030, requiring an upfront investment of £600bn. This amount is only 15%...

Price-Based Hydrogen Allocation Process: UK Seeks Evidence

The Department of Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNZ) has gone on to launch a consultation seeking evidence so as to guide the transition...

Reducing Carbon Footprints: Hydrogen In Restoration Ecology

The world is on a constant quest for more sustainable living, leading to the emergence of hydrogen fuel. Hydrogen fuel cells have gained popularity...

ETAC Recommendations For Clean Energy Adoption In India

The Energy Transition Advisory Committee (ETAC) under the Ministry of Petroleum and Natural Gas has released a report titled 'The Green Shift' which outlines...
Nuclear Energy And Clean Hydrogen Production Funded By DOE

Fortescue Future Industries secures renewable power supply from Statkraft to planned...

Fortescue Future Industries (FFI) has secured renewable power for its proposed Hemnes green energy project, entering into a long-term Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with...

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