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A Low-Cost Flexible Multi-Pollutant Technology for the Indian Power Market
Tighter control of Sulfur Oxides (SOx), Nitrogen Oxides (NOx) and particular matter (PM) has become a priority for many countries around the world. As an example, India’s Ministry of Environment & Forest (MOEF) has issued stringent regulations that affect an estimated 140 GW of operating coal-fired power plants and...


Oil & Gas

GE gas turbine

GE completes gas turbine upgrade ahead of schedule at Tanzania’s Songas...

GE and Songas announced they have successfully completed upgrades to the entire GE fleet of three LM6000PA and one LM6000PC gas turbines at the...
GE Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Its 6F Gas Turbine Secures Two New Orders

GE Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Its 6F Gas Turbine Secures Two...

GE  announced  that the company’s 6F gas turbine has achieved 25 years of successful operations for customers. Offering superior performance, reliability, and flexibility, the...
TC Energy  sell Ontario natural gas-fired power plants

TC Energy reaches agreement to sell Ontario natural gas-fired power plants...

TC Energy Corporation announced  that it has entered into an agreement through its wholly-owned subsidiary, TransCanada Energy Ltd., to sell interests in three Ontario...
Saskatchewan oil refinery project

Saskatchewan refinery wraps expansion debottlenecking project

Gibson Energy has completed an expansion and debottlenecking project at its Moose Jaw, Sask., refinery made possible by Saskatchewan’s Oil and Gas Processing Investment...
Offshore expertise enables jack-up oil field expansion

Offshore expertise enables jack-up and load-out of platform for oil field...

ALE completed the jack-up, skidding and load-out of an off shore platform for the third development stage of the Vladimir Filanovsky oil field, the...
large pressure vessels

Precise lifting enables smooth refinery expansion, USA

Installation of three large pressure vessels was required at a refinery in the Texas panhandle in the USA. This work needed to take place...

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