Monday, October 3, 2022

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As we move into a new year. Sven Lindström, CEO of Swedish solar energy technology leader Midsummer, gives us his insights as to what new trends we can we expect from the solar and renewable energy sectors in the new year: Volatile energy prices The turbulence in electricity markets will continue...


Oil & Gas

Brand New Baltic Pipeline Has Begun Processing Gas Flow

Keywords- Baltic Pipe Network, Transporting Gas, Nord Stream Project, Underwater Gas Pipelines, Processing Gas Flow. According to the Polish gas pipeline operator Gaz-System, gas began...

EU States Back Energy Windfall Tax, Clash On Gas Cost Cap

The member states of the European Union will get together to approve emergency taxes on energy companies' windfall profits and start talking about their...
Abu Dhabi To Obtain Regions First Underwater HVDC Network

Abu Dhabi To Obtain Regions First Underwater HVDC Network

Abu Dhabi and a Japanese, French, and Korean consortium have agreed to a $3.8 billion deal to use an undersea high voltage direct current...
With $25mn Federal Grant, Texas To Cap 800 Oil And Gas Wells

Oil Cost Rise Due to US Gulf Supply limits, Weaker Currency

On September 27th, more than 1% increase in oil prices from the previous day's nine-month low, helped by supply restraints in the US Gulf...
Australian Energy Crisis Leads To Fresh Need In Gas Supplies

Oil Consumption Rises As Refiners Ramp Up Output In China

In anticipation of greater demand and a potential increase in fourth-quarter gasoline exports, at least three Chinese state-run oil refineries and a privately owned...

Is Energy Strategy In Europe On The Right Track Or Not?

Another historic week has passed for the European energy markets, with policymakers taking the lead in defending consumers and companies from skyrocketing energy costs. Although...

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