ICE plans to invest $9bn in hydro power sector

Costa Rica’s state power company ICE has unveiled plans to invest $9bn in the nation’s power sector over the next 12 years.

Investment will be used for hydro, thermo and geothermal projects included in the portfolio. About 378MW in hydro capacity will be added over the next three years, with addition of the 306MW Reventazón, the 46MW Toro III, the 20MW Macho, and the 60MW upgrade of the Cachi facility.

ICE electricity director Gravin Mayorga was quoted by BNA Americas as saying the two other projects, the 650MW El Diquís and 160MW Sevegre, are in the pre feasibility stage. Presently, ICE is involved in talks with indigenous communities who will be affected by the projects. The projects are scheduled for start up in 2019 and 2020, reports BNamericas.