New small hydropower project commences operations in Washington State

The following is a statement from Linda Church Ciocci, Executive Director of the National Hydropower Association, on the opening of Snohomish County Public Utility District’s Youngs Creek Small Hydropower Project in Sultan, Wash.:

“NHA congratulates our member company Snohomish County Public Utility District for beginning generation at the Youngs Creek Small Hydropower Project earlier this week.

“This project is a shining example of how hydropower can be developed in the most beneficial way:

creating economic investment at a critical time in our nation’s history while safeguarding the surrounding environment and community interests.

“Developing small hydropower projects brings big benefits to the communities they serve.  The designing and building of Youngs Creek created over 100 construction and manufacturing jobs and brought tens of thousands of dollars in economic benefit to the area.  Now in operation, approximately 2,000 Washington State homes will have access to the most inexpensive source of renewable electricity in the country.

“These projects can also be built to maximize ecosystem protection and community involvement. By building above a natural barrier and away from certain resident species, this project will not impact migrating fish.  NHA also applauds the PUD’s success in working with all community stakeholders, including state and local governments and native tribes when planning Youngs Creek.

“NHA will continue its work with federal policymakers telling the success stories of projects like Snohomish PUD’s and advocating for policies that will help us tap the over 60,000 MW of capacity that we could reach by 2025.