ees to join Intersolar Mexico 2024 as special exhibition

ees (electrical energy storage) – Europe’s largest and most international exhibition for batteries and energy storage systems joins Intersolar Mexico in 2024 as a special exhibition. This inclusion shines a spotlight on the pivotal role of energy storage in fortifying the flexibility of Mexico’s grid system, ensuring a more adaptable and resilient energy distribution throughout the entire region. A dedicated area for companies offering products and services in the electrical energy storage sector, including a storage and e-mobility pavilion will be prominently presented at the exhibition floor. Special content sessions will be part of the Conference and Stage program, and accompanying webinars and interviews will be conducted throughout the year. ees Mexico will take place alongside Intersolar Mexico from September 3 to 5, 2024, at Centro Citibanamex in Mexico City. 13,000 visitors and 450 exhibitors in total are expected together with the co-located events: The GREEN Expo®, Aquatech Mexico, and Mexico WindPower, being the largest gathering of industry professionals in Mexico after the presidential elections.

To drive Mexico’s transition to renewable energy, Intersolar Mexico serves as the catalyst, providing a leading platform for technology trends and B2B networking for industry professionals to converge, explore the latest solar technology trends, and foster international collaborations. “Our mission includes facilitating unparalleled B2B networking opportunities, solidifying our position as the largest gathering of industry professionals in Mexico together with our co-located events The GREEN Expo®, Aquatech Mexico, and Mexico WindPower. By integrating the “ees Mexico” special exhibition, we elevate the impact of energy storage solutions, emphasizing their pivotal role in fortifying Mexico’s grid system and contributing to the nation’s emergence as a regional hub for renewable energy”, Dr. Florian Wessendorf, Managing Director Solar Promotion International says.

Panorama of energy storage in Mexico

While utility-scale storage has seen limited implementation in Mexico, notable projects, like the solar plant in La Paz, underscore the growth potential. However, the absence of a defined regulatory framework presents a key challenge. Enterprises in the industrial sector are capitalizing on “time shifting” services, optimizing electricity costs by purchasing at base rates for use during peak hours. Small-scale applications thrive in stand-alone PV systems within the residential market, while data centers embrace energy storage for crucial backup functions. The imminent rise of electric vehicles in Mexico is steering attention toward electric chargers for electromobility, presenting a burgeoning market for forward-thinking companies. As the renewable energy trajectory continues upward, forecasts predict demand for 2.3 gigawatts of storage within the next decade. The National Electric System Development Program (PRODESEN) anticipates installing approximately 4,505 megawatts in energy storage systems from 2022 to 2036.

Lithium-Ion Battery Revolution

Following the 2022 mining law reform, LitioMx emerged as a pivotal force, overseeing lithium exploration and commercialization within Mexico. This initiative could boost national manufacturing of lithium-ion batteries, a critical component in meeting the surging demand from the electric mobility sector.

Research and Innovation Hub

Mexico’s scientific community dedicated to energy storage is thriving, with an exponential increase in research groups since the inaugural Energy Storage Discussions in 2014 until the latest Discussions in 2023. The Energy Storage Network, established in 2017 and content partner of the ees Mexico, acts as a catalyst for innovation, fostering expertise in lithium purification, active materials synthesis, and comprehensive modeling and testing.

Seize the Opportunity

A dedicated area for companies offering products and services in the electrical energy storage sector, including a storage and emobility pavilion will be prominently presented on the exhibition floor. Join us at the forefront of this transformative era! Secure your exhibition space now to showcase your innovations, establish strategic partnerships, and elevate your brand within Mexico’s electric energy storage revolution.

Opportunities for newcomers and market entrants

For newcomers, Intersolar Mexico offers various exhibit opportunities tailored to every budget. This year a cost-effective Pavilion exhibit package has been created as a special welcome offer to enable first-year exhibitors and newcomers to the Mexican market an easy participation opportunity. For more information please contact Diana Stunz:

Company: Solar Promotion International GmbH

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