PDVSA Industrial displays investment projects in Shangai to strenthen its production capacity

Petroleos de Venezuela, S.A. (PDVSA), by means of its subsidiary company PDVSA Industrial, displayed during the China International Import Expo its potentialities regarding valves, pipes and lightning production, with the view to attract investment projects for plants maintenance, raw material purchase and widening of capacities in some of its companies.

Following guidelines given by Mr. Manuel Quevedo, People’s Minister of Petroleum and President of PDVSA, this non-oil subsidiary company has as one objective the strengthening of production for year 2019, as well as the increasing of its products export capacity. Such is the case of Enatub Conglomerate which is constituted by four pipe plants with helical longitudinal seam and two lining pipe plants.

Likewise, it is important to highlight the role of the Empresa Nacional de Válvulas (ENAVAL) (National Valve Company), located in the eastern side of the country, specifically in  Anaco, Anzoátegui state, which has an important installed capacity to supply the national market and enter into the international one, by strengthening production lines of steelworks and forgings.

In this sense, Mrs. Mailyn Perdomo, president of PDVSA Industrial, had some meetings and participated in some round tables with various investors interested in that field, in order to activate or secure production lines which have been affected by the economy blockade imposed by the United States of America to make payments on foreign currencies.

On the other side, considering that Venezuela has five docks at the Eastern Coast of Maracaibo Lake (COL) and in the Western Coast, Diques y Astilleros Industriales Company (Industrial Dams and Dockyards Company) is another attractive organization for investors, as they repair different types of vessels which serve the oil industry.

“We have installed capacity, labor force and machinery. The investment would be focused on the renewal of equipments and raw material;  that is why China is an interesting allied, because it is a model which based part of its economy on the improvement of conditions for a better foreign trade, through dams, dockyards and ports”, explained Mrs. Perdomo.

Alternate or clean energy plants are also among the companies of the subsidiary with an exporting profile. It is the Fábrica Nacional de Bombillos (National Bulbs Factory), Vietven Iluminaciones, located in Paraguaná, where the plant has its facilities.

“We are going to install some LED production lines of our own. We want to invest in the five elements to change domestic use bulbs for LED bulbs, upon a warranty of 12 millions bulbs a year”, stated Mrs. Perdomo.
A similar case is that of Unerven (Unidad de Energía Renovables Venezuela) (Renewable Energy Unity Venezuela), a company producer of solar panels and aero-generators. “Currently, we are producing only cells and frameworks for the solar panels, that is why it is necessary to invest in order to update the photovoltaic cell and replace it for a more efficient one, and put together the whole kits for their trading in the international market”, she added.

In this way, PDVSA Industrial, apart from offering direct services to the oil industry, focuses its efforts on the attention to the crude oil production units (exploration, production, refining and gas), and on the participation in the foreign markets in order to generate foreign currencies to warranty production for the years to come.