Ryton® PPS Introduces X Line of PPS alloys

Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LP (Chevron Phillips Chemical), owner of the broadest portfolio of PPS products and compounds worldwide, has announced that its Xtel® polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) alloy products will now be marketed under the Ryton® PPS brand name as XE or XK PPS alloys.

The goal of the brand change is to reduce confusion between the different Chevron Phillips Chemical PPS product lines and leverage the strength of the Ryton® PPS brand.

“For years, the Ryton® PPS brand has been recognized by customers as a trusted name for quality products because of its excellent chemical resistance, long term property retention and dimensional stability at high temperatures,” said Kyle Mathis, Engineering Polymers General Manager for Chevron Phillips Chemical. “Aligning all our PPS products under the same brand reinforces to customers the quality of our high performance XE and XK products.”

In addition to maintaining the chemical resistance, strength and thermal stability of traditional PPS compounds, Ryton® XE and XK PPS alloys offer higher ductility and toughness while expanding the processing options to include extrusion and blow molding.

Because of their unique characteristics, XE and XK PPS alloys are well-suited for use in a variety of applications including under-the-hood automotive connectors, residential water meters and irrigation valves, as well as energy storage and lithium battery components.

“Though the brand name is changing, the quality of our products is not,” said Mathis. “The existing XE and XK product nomenclature will remain the same, so customers interested in our former Xtel® PPS products need only watch for the X in the product name to know they’re getting an extra special product.”

Product brand changes are expected to be phased in over the next several months, beginning in January 2014. For more information about Ryton® PPS products, visit www.cpchem.com.

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