1.5GW of Solar Installations Eyed By Switzerland In 2023

Switzerland is in all possibilities expecting to conclude 2023 with almost 1,500 MW of freshly installed solar photovoltaic- PV capacity, as per the estimates released by the industry association Swissolar.

This corresponds to an almost 40% surge as compared to the last year, Swissolar said on December 20. The predictions happen to be based on registration figures at the funding agency Pronovo as well as market feedback.

It is well to be noted that the installed solar capacity throughout the Alpine country is in all likelihood anticipated to surpass 6,200 MW at the end of 2023, which will help annual electricity production reach almost 6 TWh in 2024. Hence, the share of solar power across Switzerland’s complete yearly power consumption must touch 10% in 2024.

The assessment goes on to reveal that the markets when it comes to both smaller and larger solar systems have grown significantly this year. The expansion in the case of large systems was boosted by the introduction of a new subsidy for installations sans self-consumption.

More elements that bolstered the solar rollout across the country go on to include high electricity prices, which affect specifically large users, and the rising adoption of electromobility as well as heat pumps, which is fostering demand when it comes to photovoltaics.

It is well to be noted that in 2024, Swissolar anticipates further market progress of a minimum of 10% that is bound to bring the country much nearer to the aim of adding more than 2,000 MW of new solar capacity yearly from 2027 on.