French government proposes new measures to help ailing solar industry

French Energy Minister Delphine Batho introduced several measures to help the ailing solar power sector in the country.

Some of the measures included increasing the annual target solar capacity in France to 1,000MW a year besides financial incentives to small solar developers.

Developers employing PV panels produced in the 30 countries of the European Economic Area will receive an additional 10% bonus on the subsidy that is paid to solar power generators for feed-in-tariffs.

The measures aim to support the declining solar industry in France until the government introduces a wider energy law following its ‘energy transition debate’.

French renewable energy sector lobbyist Jean-Louis Bal was quoted by Reuters as saying that the measures support the sector’s short term survival, but they do not guarantee the industry’s long-term viability.

“However it’s the first positive message from the government in over three years,” Bal said. The measures are also expected to attract additional investments of over €2bn for the industry.