PV Hardware Expands Valencia Operations With World’s Largest Solar Tracker Factory

PV Hardware (PVH) is a Spanish company that supplies solar trackers globally. With more than 25GW supplied in 230 solar plants, PVH has become a leading driver of the Spanish renewables industry.

To continue its growth trajectory, PVH has acquired over sixteen acres of land in Valencia, Spain, to build the world’s largest solar tracker factory. Currently, PVH’s activity is spread across seven locations, which will be consolidated into one logistics center to increase capacity and streamline operations.

In-house manufacturing allows PVH to control the entire supply chain, offer shorter delivery times, and adapt products to meet project-specific needs.

PVH aims to become the world’s number one supplier of solar trackers, and its expansion plans include opening a new factory in the United States.

The company’s focus on sustainable energy aligns with Spain’s role as a European power in sustainability and energy transition.