British Gas to use CGI’s Adapter solution for smart meter management

UK’s energy firm British Gas will be using Canadian IT company CGI’s Adapter solution to manage its customers’ smart meters through the Data and Communications Company (DCC).

CGI will deliver its Adapter solution to British Gas in order to simplify the process of linking to the DCC, under a national roll-out scheme.

The resolution is claimed to meet the terms of connection laid out as per the Smart Energy Code and reduces the level of IT development change required to an energy firm’s own internal systems. This makes it easier and more efficient to be smart meter-ready.

CGI UK vice-president of utilities Tara McGeehan said: “The success of Britain’s Smart Metering Implementation Programme in part rests on suppliers’ ability to access and use the large volumes of data provided through the DCC.

“British Gas is already the largest installer of smart meters in the UK.”

“British Gas is already the largest installer of smart meters in the UK and this agreement sees them further demonstrate that commitment by taking an important step towards full rollout.

“Ultimately, smart meters will help households to better understand their energy consumption in order to take better control of their energy bills, whilst delivering an anticipated £17.1bn in economic benefits to the UK.”

British Gas has already deployed over one million smart meters for its UK customers, out of which CGI supports more than 50% through its Smart Data Services programme.

The introduction of this Adapter will help British Gas’ own systems to be ready to link to the DCC, much ahead of mass rollout.