Join National Grid to Celebrate National Drive Electric Week

The company is supporting events throughout its territory, including Worcester, MA

Do you own an electric vehicle, or are you considering the benefits of driving an environmentally-friendly vehicle with overall lower fuel costs and fewer maintenance requirements? If so, consider joining National Grid to celebrate National Drive Electric Week.

National Grid will be supporting events in Worcester, MA, Albany, NY, and Cranston, RI, as part of a nationwide celebration of plug-in vehicles from Sept. 12-20.

These events offer the company a chance to introduce customers to members of the New Energy Solutions (NES) team, National Grid’s new group focused on delivering our Connect21 vision of better serving the innovation and customer demands of the 21st century.

“This is not only a chance to see or drive all the latest the electric vehicle market has to offer,” said Karsten Barde, who leads NES’s electric transportation strategy, ‘it’s also an opportunity for customers to learn more about the sustainability advantages, potential cost savings and incentives available at both the state and federal level to help people go electric.”

National Grid has installed 160 public charging stations across our footprint in New England and New York. The stations can be found here and other mobile charging apps. To date, more than 1,500 drivers have used these stations at convenient locations including restaurants, shopping centers, in municipalities, and on university campuses.