Greenko commissions first phase of Balavenkatpuram wind farm in India

Greenko Group has commissioned the 51.2MW first phase of the Balavenkatpuram wind farm in Anantpur District of the state of Andhra Pradesh, India.

Built with an investment of around €40m, the first phase features enhanced General Electric GE 1.6 XLE turbine, which has the potential to deliver around 30% capacity factor in an average year.

Greenko CEO Anil Chalamalasetty said the company has commissioned the phase one of the Balavenkatpuram wind farm ahead of schedule.

“Our first two wind farms refined our modular approach to wind farm construction, which is now delivering substantial and predictable growth.

“As a result, we should double our generating capacity this financial year to 600MW and remain in line to hit our 2015 target of 1,000MW,” added Chalamalasetty.

The company claims construction on the 50MW second phase is currently underway and is using Gamesa’s G97 turbine, which has a 90m hub height and 97m diameter blades.

Additionally, the company, which has commissioned the grid connection for the site’s 200MW full capacity, has signed a 25-year power purchase agreement with the state.

The project will benefit from the recently increased tariff as well as from the generation based incentive (GBI), a federal government scheme under which GBI will be provided up to INR10m (€117,942) per MW with the claim period between four years to 11 years.

Early this year, the state government has announced a new tariff regime for renewable energy at INR4.7 per unit, laying the foundations for accelerated growth, investment and job creation.