November is Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month, providing a focus on a national priority that affects us all.

As climate change and global warming are bearing down on the planet, the calls for renewable, sustainable sources of energy are becoming too loud to drown out.

Innovation, simplicity, excellence, passion and sustainability are the values of LEITWIND. Above that LEITWIND is always moving forward to anticipating tomorrow’s trends and to shape the future of our world.

SPE: Congratulations. LONGI just announced last week an impressive world record for crystalline silicon based PERC solar cells.

Ranked seventh in the world for installed wind capacity, Canada already has a strong base of operational projects and is clearly no stranger to the sector. Yet withoutstanding wind resources across the country, themarket still holds much opportunityand definite room for growth as Canada looks to transition to a low carbon economy.

When wind project developers and investors turn to the wind energy assessment industry to predict the energy output of proposed projects, they need to be confident that the numbers reported to them are as accurate as possible.

How do you protect your investment in an automation system over the 50-year life cycle of the plant, while continuously upgrading the system with the latest technologies at the lowest possible risk and cost?

Energy storage systems are an integral part of Germany’s Energiewende("Energy Transition") project. While the demand for energy storage is growing across Europe, Germany remains the European lead target market and the first choice for companies seeking to enter this fast developing industry.

1. Tell us more about JinkoSolar as one of the leading global industry players today.

Malfunctionswith PV plants are not immediately recognized, which always leads to high yield losses.However, with professional monitoring this problem can mostly be avoided.

The future of European energy depends on flexibility.Simon Hobday, Partner at Osborne Clarke and POWER-GEN Europe and Renewable Energy World Europe Advisory Board member, says this calls for a regulatory rethink based upon a grand bargain between all players.

Flexible, integrated & Scalable, solution provides actionable data, secure transport of that data where it’s needed, and software as well as expertise to interpret the data.

1. How do you differentiate the functioning of South Asian markets, Middle East and Africa?
In the power industry, some trends reflect across the entire region, while others are specific to the socio-economic state of the country. These trends includethe adoption of renewables and low-carbon energysources, growing awareness of the benefits ofdigitalization and the need for power quality technologies.

Mobile telecommunications network equipment is expected to work without issue 24/7.  There is no compromise on this, which is why transmission equipment, BTS systems, RF equipment, etc., are designed, tested and built for operation in the most demanding of environmental conditions.

Consumers in off-grid areas are rapidly increasing their use of mobile Internet services. At the same time they not only expect service to become more reliable, but they also want network coverage to expand and prices for mobile data plans to decrease too.

The Core responsibility of the O&M team is to Operate and Maintain the plant to deliver guaranteed plant performance during the O&M period and delight the Customer. The Owners’ expectations are dependent on maximized generation and longevity of plant life as being the critical levels.

eSmart Systems keeps the lights on with an automated energy management system based on Microsoft cloud services, including Microsoft Machine Learning.

Today’s industrial solar cell technology is dominated by the “standard solar cell process” -a p-type silicon wafer, a phosphorus-doped emitter with a screen-printed front-side contact grid, an aluminum back surface field (BSF) and full-area metallization.

The Global Energy market is undergoing a period of rapid and continuous transformation.

Enough pumped hydro energy storage potential capacity throughout europe to power the whole island of malta for a year.

Emergent Big Data technologies are helping us adopt new business models and find innovative opportunities for revenues and value in new markets that enable the connection of people, businesses and things.

Energy management, efficiency and lower carbon trail are some of the key benefits of smart power in homes, buildings and industries.





  • Ashutosh Shukla

    Ashutosh Shukla

    Director Equipment and Solutions Business Schneider Electric India

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    Dr. Christopher Berge

    Head of Product Management and responsible ISRA Vision

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