Construction on $504m hydro project in US on schedule

The City of Hamilton in partnership with American Municipal Power (AMP) said construction on the $504m Meldahl Dam hydroelectric plant located in US, having a capacity 105MW, is on schedule.

City of Hamilton site representative Tom Leibham was quoted by as saying that 25% of the project has been completed. The Ohio Power Siting Board on 28 November 2011, authorized the city of Hamilton and AMP to construct a 2.2-mile long 138kV electric transmission line in Clermont County.

The new transmission line will connect the hydroelectric facility to the existing 345kV Zimmer-Spurlock transmission line in Ohio. “Once completed, the three turbine units will go on line about 60 days apart, in 2014,” said Leibham.

Hamilton’s entitlement is 51.4% of the electric output, with about 47 other AMP member communities being entitled to 48.6%.