LEITWIND is shaping the future of the world

Innovation, simplicity, excellence, passion and sustainability are the values of LEITWIND. Above that LEITWIND is always moving forward to anticipating tomorrow’s trends and to shape the future of our world.

With almost 400 installations all over the world, LEITWIND is constantly growing and makes a valuable contribution to the environment. Wind turbines characterizes also the landscape. That is why design has a particularly high priority for LEITWIND. LEITWIND designs wind turbines, which are besides highly productivity harmoniously integrated into the landscape.

On January 2018 LEITWIND has successfully installed three of such wind turbines in the community of Cerignola in Apulia, Italy. For this area and wind class IIIA+ the LTW77 800kW with a height of 60 meters is the ideal turbine. In just few weeks they can be brought into operation. One of the main strengths of LEITWIND products is the DirectDrive: A direct connection between the hub and the generator, which eliminates the gearbox, an essential part of traditional wind turbines.

With this concept, the number of rotating parts, rotation speed and friction are reduced. Thus, considerably higher reliability as well as lower wear and maintenance costs. LEITWIND wind turbines are designed around a modular concept.

It reduces transport costs and makes the installation of the wind turbines in difficult-to-access places possible. A very stiff and robust tower head design makes the turbines appropriate also in sophisticated environments like mountainous areas. All electronic parts and the transformer station are integrated in the tower base, rendering external transformer stations obsolete.

In addition, LEITWIND is part of High Technology Industries, a group of technologically innovative companies specializing in ropeways, snow groomers, tracked vehicles, urban transport, wind turbines and snowmaking machines. With production sites in Italy, Austria, France, Slovakia, the United States, Canada, India and China, and more than 90 international sales and service locations, the group works in close contact with the market and maximizes internal synergies as much as possible.