Energising deltas

Energising deltas (Energiedijken in Dutch) combines sustainable energy generation with water safety and water management into an innovative export product.


– New Dutch innovative product

– Water safety and management combined with sustainable energy production

– Potential export product for Deltas world-wide

– Building on the cutting edge knowledge concerning the construction and development of water safety, water management and sustainable technologies

Three companies (Tocardo, REDstack, Strukton) are closely collaborating with three research organisations (Deltares, ECN, EUR) to gain knowledge about optimising energy production while minimising environmental impact. Together with Tidal Testing Centre for coordination and Energy Valley Foundation for national and international positioning this project will give the Dutch trade and industry a head start on the world market.

The Afsluitdijk, the Brouwersdam, the Grevelingendam and the Oosterscheldekering are water defences in which this innovative energy-from-water technology will be applied. A significant contribution to sustainable energy production can be achieved by constructing tidal energy (energy from tidal flows with water turbines) and blue energy (osmosis energy from fresh and salt water) systems in levees, dams and storm surge barriers.