Erzhausen II

Statkraft plans to enlarge the reservoirs of the pumped storage power plant Erzhausen. With this, Statkraft aims at further enhancing the site by raising the flexibility of the power plant regarding the German control reserve market. The project has been planned since 2012. The investment decision is expected to be taken in the first half of 2015. The construction might start in 2015..

Statkraft plans to increase the operation volume of the upper reservoir by 10 to 12 % by mounting a wave deflector on the dam. The wave deflector throws back wave dispersions, so that more water can be utilized for actual power generation. To increase the maximum operation level of the lower reservoir the overflow threshold would need to be raised. With a higher water level the power plant could be operated more flexible and the planned new turbines aiming at an increase of capacity could run optimally.

Statkraft pays attention to limit the impact of the planning and the implementation on the surrounding landscape and the local residents to an absolute minimum. Statkraft cooperates very closely with the responsible water and nature preservation authorities. The neighbouring nature reserve “Selterklippen” would not be affected by the construction.

In June 2014, Statkraft applied for the permit according to the German federal Water Act at the administrative district of Northeim for the expansion of the reservoirs. The administrative district will decide on the permit procedure.

Statkraft will stop the development of the originally planned increase of capacity and with it the construction of a new power house on the existing power plant site. The market forecasts for the German power market do not signal a long-term economic feasibility of a capacity increase.