CEM India Conference and Exhibition on Emission Monitoring

    CEM India is a conference and exhibition for Industries that need to monitor air and water emissions from their processes. This event follows on from the first CEM India event which was held in 2017. Visitors will gain valuable  information on the guidelines for continuous emission monitoring systems (CEMS) and continuous effluent quality monitoring systems (CEQMS) and will be given information on how suitable monitors are selected, installed and operated in order to demonstrate regulatory and environmental compliance.

    The aim of the CEM India conference and exhibition is to help process operators meet environmental objectives by providing guidelines, technical support and practicable solutions. At CEM India you will have the opportunity to meet with all major suppliers of Emission Monitoring Instruments, you can compare, products, prices and technology. Visitors will also have the opportunity to speak with technical experts and members of CPCB and other regulators. Entry to CEM India is FREE to all preregistered visitors. Visitors also are given free lunches in the lunch breaks.

    Event Name: CEM India Conference and Exhibition on Emission Monitoring
    Event Venue The Leela Ambience Convention Hotel Delhi
    Event Date: 24th-26th September 2019
    Event website link: http://bit.ly/2rW8Y6K
    Event Organizer Name: ILM Exhibitions
    Communication number : + 44 (0)1727 858840
    Email ID: info@ilmexhibitions.com


    Organiser: ILM Exhibitions

    ILM Exhibitions is a trading division of International Labmate Ltd. Labmate was founded in 1974 and is a leading publisher of environmental, laboratory and petrochemical trade magazines with readers in almost every country in the world. The magazines published by Labmate are complimented by industry focused e-newsletters and websites . ILM Exhibitions has been organising its own specialist environmental, petrochemical and analytical conferences and exhibitions since 2002, it also organises meetings and conferences for trade associations and academic groups .