Alstom inks EUR35m deal for Turkey hydro power plant

Alstom has secured a €35m contract to supply all electrical equipment and environmental unit to Turkey’s new Beyhan-1 hydroelectric power plant.

As per the deal, Alstom will deliver the 32MW environmental turbine-generator-unit, power transformers, 380 kV switchyard, medium and low voltage systems, electrical protection and a complete automation system.

The deal has been awarded by Kalehan Enerji Üretim ve Ticaret, which has fnalized a consortium to deliver the entire power plant project, to be located near the eastern city of Elazig at the river Murat. The project forms the first of four hydro projects planned by Kalehand Enerji with operations planned to commence at the site in mid 2015.

Alstom said the Beyhan-1 power plant will have an installed capacity of around 600MW, and will be one of the largest in Turkey.