BC Hydro seeks bids for intake gates for 47MW Ladore hydro project in Canada

The BC Hydro and Power Authority (BC Hydro) has solicited bids from the interested parties to supply intake gates for the 47MW Ladore hydroelectric project on the Campbell River in British Columbia, Canada.

The tender, with a December 2, 2013 deadline, also provides an option to supply intake gates for the 67.5MW Strathcona project on the same river.

Under the terms of the tender, the bid winner is required to supply two intake operating gates for the Ladore project and can also supply two intake operating gates for the Strathcona plant.

BC Hydro is currently upgrading Campbell River system featuring three hydropower facilities including the 126MW John Hart plant in the Campbell River region of British Columbia’s Vancouver Island, according to HydroWorld.

Upper Campbell Lake discharges through the 65MW Strathcona plant into Lower Campbell Lake, which is the head-pond for the 47MW Ladore plant, while Ladore discharges into John Hart Lake, which is the reservoir for the 126MW John Hart plant.