CTG achieves safe operation of 18 generating units of Chinese cascade hydropower stations

Eighteen generating units of the cascade hydropower stations on the down-stream Jinsha River realized ‘Zero Accidental Cease’, thus achieving safe and stable operation of the newly commissioned generating units of new hydropower plants.

In 2012, China Yangtze Power Company (Subsidiary of CTG) took over 3 generating units of the Xiangjiaba Hydropower Station and in 2013, 15 mega-size generating units of the Xiluodu-Xiangjiaba Hydropower Stations were taken over by China Yangtze Power Company.

By far, China Yangtze Power Company took over 18 generating units, thus realizing ‘Stable taking-over for the first one-hundred days’; In less than half a year from July, 2013 to December, 12 generating units were taken over, which sets a world record.