HIT develops new solution for neutralising carbon fuel emissions

Stockholm-based clean technology firm Hydro Infra Technologies (HIT) has come up with a patent pending approach for neutralising carbon fuel emissions, by producing a new gas called hydro nano gas (HNG).

The approach implements sustainable methods to split water in an energy efficient way for extracting high yields of hydrogen at very low cost.

HNG is obtained from water by pulsing a range of low-energy frequencies in a specific sequence. This pulsing treatment then manipulates the molecules to form in a certain structure, which are then put through a splitting process, ultimately resulting in HNG.

Being distinctly different from normal hydrogen, HNG can work as a neutraliser for carbon fuel pollution emissions.

“HNG can work as a neutraliser for carbon fuel pollution emissions.”

Injection of the gas into combustion chamber results in multiple reactions, which increase the burn efficiency of fuels. This makes it a great option for processes involving fossil fuel burning.

Power generation from fossil fuels results in increased pollution and green house gas emissions.

In addition to being a cost-effective way for obtaining hydrogen from water, HIT induced method of HNG generation can be a solution to the ongoing economic-climate change debate, the company claimed.

The process still needs to undergo further testing and validation, however.

Meanwhile, HIT is also developing a Smoke Eliminator for all kinds of facilities. The process cut the need for smoke analysis as it results in a clean wet scrubber technology where CO2 becomes a clean byproduct ready to be reused.