New York Allocates $16 Million To Support Clean Hydrogen

New York State has gone on to announce a $16 million funding package so as to support clean hydrogen research, development, and demonstration (RD&D) as well as the applicants for wider federal hydrogen funding.

Administered by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority- NYSERDA, the state happens to be offering two competitive opportunities under its Hydrogen as well as Clean Fuel Program, with $11 million available for RD&D.

Product development, when it comes to a marketable technology product, system, strategy, or even service, as well as any testing or validation of an innovation that is not already commercially available, is going to be accepted.

Pilot as well as demonstration projects that go on to test technologies, systems, strategies, or even services are going to be considered for funding.
Apparently, $5 million has also been made available so as to provide cost-share support when it comes to companies successful in terms of applying for federal hydrogen funding for New York-based projects.

As announced by Governor Kathy Hochul, the funding is likely to support the state’s objective of achieving 100% zero-emission electricity by 2040.

The Chair of the New York State Public Service Commission, Rory Christian, went on to say that the critically required funding will go ahead and help to develop as well as roll out new approaches in terms of decreasing emissions.

The Regional Head of Hydrogen along with Low Carbon Fuels at DNV, Amit Goyal, went on to remark that while tax credits included in the US Inflation Reduction Act- IRA will go on to prominently enhance the economics of clean hydrogen projects, the reality happens to be that individual states must go ahead and take direct action so as to accelerate domestic clean hydrogen production as well as use.

The latest funding goes on to follow a similar $10 million package that was announced in May 2023. The state has gone on to say that the proposal that was received for the round is being evaluated, with awards most likely to be anticipated in Quarter 3 of 2024.