PT Medco plans to reach hydropower projects of 50MW in 2013

Indonesia-based energy company PT Medco Power is outlining plans to develop a line of mini hydropower projects in the country to produce a combined 50MW in 2013.

The company is set to invest nearly $20m for its mini-hydro development plans over the year from its 2013 capital expenditure of $135m.

Also, the company aims to produce nearly 120MW of energy from mini-hydro projects in the upcoming years, reported The Jakarta Post.

PT Medco Power president director Fazil Alfitri stated that it is planning to sign contracts with four construction companies for projects in West Java and South Sulawesi.

“There is potentially 500 MW in mini-hydro [power] in Indonesia. However, not many companies are in the running for such projects,” added Alfitri.

Medco, meanwhile, is working on a 10 MW mini-hydro project in Sukabumi, West Java and it expects that the plant will be operational by October 2013.

The state-owned power company PT PLN has set its aim to reach hydropower production of 12,000MW by 2025.