RusHydro reports 5% increase in electricity generation for FY2012

Russian hydroelectricity company, RusHydro reported a 5% increase in production for the year 2012, when compared to the total output in 2011.

Total electricity generation for the company aggregated to 112,697GWh for the year while the same for FY2011 stood at 107,349GWh.

Increase in electricity generation was attributed to the heavy rainfall witnessed in Volga-Kama cascade and the commencement of operations at the first 3 hydro-units of the Boguchanskaya plant.

The Far East and Center of Russia subsidiaries of the company reported a robust growth for the year while Siberia, Armenia and South of Russia & North Caucasus reported production decline in excess of 3%.

Water inflows into major reservoirs of Siberia were lower than the long-run average contributing to the 3.6% decline in production while decreased water inflows of Hrazdan river and water releases from lake Sevan contributed to the decline in Armenia.