Shell to pilot 10MW hydrogen plant in Brazilian port

Shell Brazil and the Port of Acu will develop a 10MW green hydrogen plant at the port facilities in the state of Rio de Janeiro. The project will function as a research laboratory to develop learning, carry out decarbonisation tests and boost the industry.
Shell Brasil will invest between $60 million and $120 million in RD&I in 2022.

The target for the plant is to be ready by 2025 with an initial capacity of 10 MW. It could reach 100 MW according to the unit expansion plan.

Part of the hydrogen will be stored and then sent to potential consumers. The remaining hydrogen is destined for the renewable ammonia generation plant.

“This is a project of immense importance not only for Shell and its partners, but also for Brazil. We intend with this pilot to foment the development of the whole value chain of renewable hydrogen generation, from the suppliers of the technology, through the control of the plant operation to the training of specialized labour,” said the president of Shell Brazil, Andre Araujo.

Globally, Shell has hydrogen generation projects in Germany, the Netherlands and China. The Port of Acu is a multi-business platform developed by Prumo Logistica, controlled by EIG Energy Partners, a leading institutional investor in the global energy and infrastructure market.