SKF exhibits world class solutions for Power Industry at Power Gen India 2014

Achieve your business goals for equipment with SKF Life Cycle Management(LCM) solutions

SKF India today showcased world class products and solutions catering to the power industry at Power Gen India 2014.

The products and solutions focus on Life Cycle Management for Power Assets. The solutions cover all aspects of the life cycle from improved designs with integrated solutions to enhanced operations and maintenance.

SKF today is helping power plants to improve performance and reduce Total Cost of Ownership through SKF Life Cycle Management, a proven approach to improving machine reliability and operational efficiency.

SKF has extensive knowledge and experience in solving reliability problems of numerous pieces of equipment in a power plant. From pumps, motors, compressors and fans, to pulverizers, crushers, conveyors and turbines, SKF has solved problems or improved the cost of ownership with solutions including specialized bearings, seals, lubrication, linear motion technologies and condition monitoring.

Products and solutions showcased at PowerGen 2014:

Supergrip bolt Demo Flange

The Supergrip bolts represent a ‘quantum leap’ in improved technology for connecting rotating flange couplings. They are on the job – on land and at sea – delivering performance that supports the claim that they are better than any other coupling bolt available on the market.

Supergrip bolts are a superior solution for connecting flange couplings. Compared with traditional bolt systems, Supergrip bolts are much easier to install and remove. The bolts are inserted and removed by hand and with a clearance, eliminating the risk of seizure. The bolt is hydraulically expanded and tightened into the coupling bolthole, using a set of portable tools. The need for an overhead crane and time-consuming slugging of bolts is eliminated. Once the holes have been line-bored for initial installation, there is no need for further reaming or boring of holes. Thus the use of Supergrip bolts eliminates uncertainty about the length of downtime needed for removing and installing bolts at outages. Costs are cut and the length of future outages is significantly decreased.

Vibracon Demo Kit

SKF Vibracon® SM elements are universal, adjustable steel chocks that simplify shaft alignment and machine installation by eliminating the need for rigid steel chocks, shims or epoxy resin grouting. The Vibracon chock can be re-adjusted as needed for specific applications.

For generators, compressors, turbine and pump sets, Vibracon chocks eliminate a number of time-consuming problems common to traditional alignment methods. Parallel and angular soft foot problems are eliminated, even when the base frame is twisted. It is not necessary to make extensive machining of base frame or foundation and there are no on-site problems related to arranging or installing shims. When Vibracon chocks are used in combination with laser alignment equipment, alignment time can be reduced by 50 percent.

SKF Microlog Analyzer accessories

SKF offers a variety of accessories that are available for the SKF Microlog analyzers, including infrared thermometers, laser tachometers, modal analysis hammers, microphones, strobe lights, optical phase reference kits and more.

Complementary to SKF Microlog analyzers, SKF offers various sensors/ accelerometers to obtain vibration measurements for assessing the mechanical status of machinery for condition monitoring purposes. In addition, the new non-contact sensor, SKF Laser Vibrometer extends the analyzers’ possibilities to reach areas where it was previously impossible to access.


The SKF Dynamic Motor Analyzer – EXP4000 performs seven major functions for predictive maintenance programmes. It identifies possible power circuit problems that degrade motor health, examines overall motor power conditions, monitors the load and observes motor performance plus estimating energy savings.

In addition, it is programmed to supply information on voltage level, voltage balance, harmonic and total distortion, rotor cage condition, motor efficiency, effective service factor, overcurrent, operating condition, torque and load.

The EXP4000 is designed for remote monitoring from the Motor Control Centre (MCC) or through the EP1000 connection. A non-hazardous, low voltage, battery-operated unit, the instrument is highly portable and durable for use in tight and rugged locations.


The SKF Static Motor Analyzer – Baker AWA-IV series of predictive maintenance solutions offers flexibility in providing fault recognition in a single portable instrument. The Baker AWA-IV integrates a wide range of electrical tests, including surge, DC hipot, step voltage, continuous ramp, meg-ohm and winding resistance tests. Models include the Baker AWA-IV 12 kV, Baker AWA-IV 12 kV HO, Baker AWA-IV 6 kV, Baker AWA-IV 4 kV, and Baker AWA-IV 2 kV.

Improved testing capabilities from previous Baker AWA versions: continuous ramped step-voltage, enhanced reference surge waveform, improved PI/DA test, improved DC hipot, improved resistance test, more sensitive surge test.

Remanufacturing Services

Bearing remanufacturing can result in a significant reduction of CO2 emissions and require as much as 90% less energy compared to the production of a new bearing.  By extending the service life of bearings, the process avoids the scrapping of components and the unnecessary use of natural resources.

SKF has decades of experience in bearing remanufacturing. All work is performed at dedicated state-of-the-art SKF remanufacturing service centres according to rigorous SKF specifications by a global network of specialists. The work begins with cleaning, degreasing and disassembling the bearings. All components are then inspected. From this inspection, a detailed bearing analysis report is issued.

Bearings that are not damaged beyond repair can be restored using appropriate procedures that can include polishing, grinding and component replacement. In fact, a bearing with more than 30% left of its calculated service life can be worth remanufacturing. As a result, the cost savings through remanufacturing can be substantial.

Energy Efficient Bearing

SKF has developed a new, low-friction double row angular contact ball bearing. The SKF Energy Efficient (E2) performance class is characterized by a reduction of the frictional moment in the bearing by a minimum of 30% when compared to a comparable standard SKF bearing. This substantial reduction of the frictional moment was achieved by optimizing the internal geometry of the bearing and applying new low-friction grease.

The bearings are equipped with a shield on both sides and lubricated for the life of the bearing. Due to the reduction of the frictional moment, SKF E2 double row angular contact ball bearings run up to 20 °C (35 °F) cooler than standard bearings. This increases grease life and potentially bearing service life.

SKF Energy Efficient bearings are dimensionally interchangeable with standard bearings – enabling both, easy upgrades of existing applications as well as improving the energy efficiency of new applications. SKF E2 double row angular contact ball bearings are available in the 32 and 33 dimension series.

Upgraded Explorer

The SKF Explorer performance class has been certified by Det Norske Veritas and Germanischer Lloyd to last longer than standard bearings. Self-aligning roller bearings are typically used in demanding process equipment that requires a high degree of reliability even where there are high levels of contamination and poor lubrication conditions.

To meet the needs of those challenging applications, SKF developed the SKF Explorer performance class of bearings, which has set the world standard for endurance and performance. The unique engineering, manufacturing and material ments of SKF Explorer bearings have been shown to:

•        increase uptime

•        improve reliability

•        increase productivity

•        reduce noise and vibration levels

All standard SKF spherical roller bearings, CARB toroidal bearings and most spherical roller thrust bearings are now manufactured to SKF Explorer performance class specifications. All have been upgraded to a new level of performance. Combining the lean and homogenous high-quality steel used in the original SKF Explorer bearings with an improved heat treatment process, upgraded SKF Explorer bearings provide longer service life, particularly under difficult operating conditions.

Self-Learning Tools

SKF Self-Learning Tools are the essence of our 100 years of rotating machinery experience gathered from virtually every industry, machinery and application, packaged into ready to use, easy to apply courses. These interactive Self Learning Tools are full of information and practical knowledge with relevant case studies.

SKF 3 Barrier Solution

The SKF three-barrier solution provides robust protection against contaminants, downtime and maintenance costs. The SKF three-barrier solution combines a sealed, lubricated spherical roller bearing with a sealed housing filled with grease. This results in longer bearing service life, reduced maintenance and grease demands without the need for expensive taconite seals.

Labyrinth seal – The first line of defense against particles and moisture

Housing grease – SKF LGGB 2 grease in the housing cavity acts as a second protective barrier

Bearing seal – A bearing seal keeps contaminants out and lubricants in the bearing cavity

SNL Housing

The SNL plummer (pillow) block housings (fig 1) with size 32 are the most popular SKF housings within its range. The housings are horizontally split and have two or four attachment bolt holes in the base as standard.

Mapro Tools Kit – TKSA 80

SKF Condition Monitoring Centre released the NEW SKF Shaft Alignment Systems TKSA 80. The TKSA 80 systems include a portable hand-held computer and a pair of laser measuring units. TKSA 80 is the most advanced alignment systems offered by SKF today. It integrates a pre-defined alignment process and provides users with step-by-step instructions on how to perform alignment in the most effective and efficient sequence.

TKSA 80 has a large 7 inch color screen with touch screen and keypad for easy viewing and operating in any light. The TKSA 80 helps users to eliminate the misalignment that may be caused by bent shaft. This is an essential step however often being forgotten by the users.

Large diameter seals

Customers have a high demand for large diameter machined sealing solutions which are tailored to their industry applications and produced in small (to medium) quantities. For these seals SKF uses its unique manufacturing system – CNC lathe production of seals with a diameter range from 540 mm to 4 000 mm and a virtually unlimited diameter range of welded seal profiles without additional tooling costs.

On-site welding

Large diameter seals can be installed on-site by the special welding technique. G-ECOPUR is the material which is best suitable for welding. SKF creates on-site joints which achieve the performance of an endless seal.

When replacing large diameter seals for heavy equipment (e.g. rotor blade seals of Kaplan turbines, flange connection seals, seals for wind power stations) our customers benefit by reducing installation time, fitting costs and plant downtime.

Seal welding training

SKF offers seal welding equipment and adequate training. With equipment and knowledge customers can weld seals from SKF without the help of a service engineer on-site.


SKF is a leading global supplier of bearings, seals, mechatronics, lubrication systems and services which include technical support, maintenance and reliability services, engineering consulting and training. SKF is represented in more than 130 countries and has around 15,000 distributor locations worldwide. Annual sales in 2013 were SEK 63,597 million and the number of employees was 48,801.

SKF Group started trading operations in India in Kolkata in 1923 and since then the Group’s operations have been consolidated into SKF India Limited. SKF India also has an associate company called SKF Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd providing Sealing Solutions and Industrial Bearings. The company has manufacturing plants in Pune, Bangalore, and Haridwar.