TFP Hydrogen Launch High Performance Catalysts for Hydrogen Generation at Hydrogen Technology Expo North America

TFP Hydrogen will be launching a new range of high performance, high efficiency and cost effective catalysts for use in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolysers at the Hydrogen Tech Expo in Houston from 14-15 June. These materials, along with TFPH’s specialist coatings are designed to increase the efficiency and lifetime of PEM electrolysers, helping to reduce the long term cost of green hydrogen generation.

TFP Hydrogen is well established as a leading supplier and developer of coatings for PEM electrolyser components such as porous transport layers (PTLs) and bipolar plates. The new catalysts build on this extensive knowledge and expertise in formulation and optimisation; resulting in a catalyst range that delivers enhanced performance of the PEM electrolyser system, proven over 10,000’s of hours. In addition to the development of these new materials TFP Hydrogen has also invested in scaling up their production. The increase in catalyst manufacturing capacity and capability enables significantly larger scale manufacture of these new materials and supply in multi kilogram orders, supporting the rapid growth rate of the hydrogen sector.

The new high efficiency anode catalysts are based on iridium (Ir) and ruthenium (Ru) and include both IrO2 and IrRuO2 formulations, they have been designed for use in the manufacture of Catalyst Coated Membranes (CCMs) and are highly dispersible into inks for ease of use in this application. The catalysts offer a number of benefits to a customer’s system, as well as competitiveness on price; they enable the system to operate at a low voltage, improve long term durability and ensure high performance. In short, these catalysts reduce the cost of generating green hydrogen by increasing long term efficiency, and this facilitation of low carbon technologies is fundamental to our company philosophy.

In addition to the durability, performance and cost benefits, TFP Hydrogen Products’ also offer the capability to design and specify the optimum catalyst and coating formulation for your application. We have a highly experienced team of specialists in chemistry, electrochemistry, electrochemical engineering and materials science and welcome the opportunity of customer collaboration to design a system specific composition which achieves the best possible long term performance and efficiency.