Voith secures €100m supply contract for hydropower project in Angola

Germany-based engineering company Voith has secured a €100m supply contract for Cambambe II hydropower project in Angola.

Under this contract, the company will supply and install four generators and turbines along with the control and associated systems.

Voith Hydro president and CEO Dr. Roland Münch remarked that the procurement of this contract was an important step for the company’s growth.

“With our supply, we are contributing sustainably to the economic development of Angola,” added Münch.

Meanwhile, Cambambe II project located at the River Kwanza features four generator-turbine-units and is expected to add nearly 700MW of power generation capacity.

Further, the project is in line with Angola’s strategy of increasing its installed hydropower capacity by two-fold.

The technical feasibility for installation of hydropower in the country is estimated to be 400GW against the installed capacity of about 25GW.