Voith secures €58m refurbishment contract for Inga I hydro project in Congo

German engineering company Voith has been granted €58m contract to refurbish Inga I hydropower station in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

The contract was awarded by electricity supplier Société Nationale d’Électricité (SNEL) to the Voith-led consortium including Spanish Elecnor. Voith owns 53% stake in the consortium, while Elecnor owns remaining 47%.

Refurbishment process includes rehabilitation program for two generator-turbine units replacing old machine sets with the new units rated at 55MW.

Further, Voith will modify the degree of efficiency through an application of modern hydraulics and technologies.

Commenting on the contract, Voith Hydro president and CEO Dr. Roland Münch remarked: “With this order we are building on our long-standing presence on the African continent.”