Nova Innovation applies to develop tidal project in Canada

Tidal energy company Nova Innovation is planning to build a tidal energy array in Petit Passage, in the Bay of Fundy area of Nova Scotia, Canada.

The project will use Nova’s smaller 100kW turbines that have been operating in Scotland for over three years. Their use is more beneficial to the project as they reduce engineering, financial and environmental risk, and will produce value and opportunities for the strong local supply chain of Nova Scotia. The company is currently undergoing a 30-day consultation on the application, which started on 30 September 2019.

According to Nova’s plan, the first device will be deployed and operated to build understanding of its environmental effects in 2020. The operation and monitoring will be managed with help from public and statutory consultants before proceeding with the next phases of the project.

Nova Innovation CEO Simon Forrest said: “We have been working for a number of years towards developing a tidal energy project in Nova Scotia.”

“If approved, this project will help place Nova Scotia at the forefront of the industry, positioning the province as a global leader and centre of excellence in tidal energy. In addition, the region will benefit from the creation of skilled jobs with Nova and in the wider supply chain.”

Nova Innovation applies to develop tidal project in Canada

As part of the Marine Renewable-energy permit procedure Nova is going through, project developers test or demonstrate new ways of generating marine renewable energy and undergo environmental, technical and financial review. Furthermore, the Department of Environment conducts a full environmental assessment on any device with a generating capacity of 2MWor more.

Nova already has experience in such projects as it successfully delivered the world’s first offshore tidal array at its site in Shetland, Scotland in 2016. In 2018, Nova also worked with the automotive and energy company Tesla to create the world’s first baseload tidal power station that has the ability to deliver constant, steady-state power on demand. In addition, it also added energy storage to its tidal technology.

Nova has offices in Scotland, Wales and Canada and specialises in designing, building and operating tidal turbines that generate electricity from the natural ebb and flow of the tide. Its underwater turbines have zero visual impact and work in harmony with the marine environment, with no barriers or barrages.