Alstom to renew 3,512MW Darlington nuclear plant in Canada

France-based Alstom has secured a contract from Ontario Power Generation (OPG) to refurbish and renew the 3,512MW Darlington nuclear plant, located in Darlington, Ontario.

Under the long-term contract, valued at EUR265m, Alstom will renovate four units each with a capacity of 900MW at the facility and increase the lifespan of the plant by another 25 to 30 years.

The company will renovate four steam turbines, generator units, and associated auxiliary equipment of the nuclear station located in the municipality of Clarington about 70km east of Toronto.

Alstom has provided the equipments for the nuclear plant, on-going service, and technical support to OPG for the equipments since the commissioning of the plant in early 1990s.

The refurbishment project will supports OPG’s efforts to optimize Darlington’s value by extending its operating life until around 2055. The upgraded facility will also benefit Ontario with 3,500MW of clean, cost-efficient base load electricity.

Alstom Thermal Service senior vice president Hans-Peter Meer said, “We have been supporting OPG at Darlington since it was built and know the equipment and project requirements very well.”

Alstom’s Thermal Service business offices in Ottawa and Burlington, Ontario will manage the project, while its manufacturing facilities in Europe and the US will supply the equipments.