Baker Hughes is a top-tier oilfield services company with a century long track record. The company has delivered solutions that help oil and gas operations make the most of their reservoirs. With over 58,000 employees in more than 80 countries, Baker Hughes has created reliable application-specific products and services.


The product line for “down hole” Reamer Tools was underutilized and wrought with long lead times for parts. The asset utilization of the tools was below standard.


ATC has joined with Baker Hughes to improve the supply chain processes for the “down hole” Reamer Tools product line. It completed supply chain integration into BHI supply chain organization to increase the supply base. By purchasing existing inventory of parts ATC has accepted all responsibilities in cost management of parts. ATC delivered kits and parts JIT in full to Baker Hughes.


As a result of this work, ATC has replaced the lead time driven supply chain to the JIT program. This program has improved asset utilization by 10%. We were able to deliver a balance sheet for the inventory.