Dungeness B nuclear power station goes offline due to power loss

UK energy supplier EDF Energy has announced automatic shut down of both Dungeness B reactors following power cut off caused by debris landing on the incoming power lines.

With shut down of the Dungeness B21 and B22 units, the nuclear power station is relying on the site’s own diesel generators for power, to continue operation of essential safety systems.

Dungeness B station director Martin Pearson said the site is well prepared for the scenario and has calmly and professionally responded to the loss of supply.

”The reactors are safely shutdown and National Grid staff are now working to restore the supply and once that is done we’ll bring both units back on line,” Pearson added.

The unit availability is anticipated to be zero for the next seven days, Reuters reports citing a company’s statement, which also noted that the two units have a capacity of 550MW each.