Exelon Corp. nuclear plant unit 2 offline for maintenance

Exelon Corp has removed Unit 2 of Limerick Nuclear Generating Station from service for a planned maintenance program in the US.

The Limerick Nuclear Generating Station located about 21 miles northwest of Philadelphia, has two units that together can produce carbon-free electricity for 2 million homes.

The nuclear plant workers will repair a turbine control valve during the Unit 2 outage before returning it to service.  Limerick site vice president Russ Kearney said these additional maintenance activities and inspections will help get the company be ready for the peak summer season ahead.

“We are working hard now to make sure we can run at full power all summer long, when our customers need us most,” Kearney added. Unit 1 of the nuclear station will continue to operate at full power during the outage of the Unit 2.