Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy, AREVA sign agreement to improve nuclear power plants safety

Hitachi-GE Nuclear Energy and AREVA have signed a deal to deliver filtered containment venting systems (FCVS) to improve safety of nuclear power plants.

Both the companies will work together, including the adoption by Hitachi-GE of AREVA technology for the design, fabrication, and installation of these components.

They will be used for the boiling water reactors (BWR) in Japan. Hitachi GE has worked with AREVA to study the functions and performance of FCVS suitable for installation at BWR nuclear power plants in Japan.

The partnership will combine AREVA’s technology, experience, and know-how in FCVS with Hitachi-GE’s extensive technology, experience, and know-how about BWR nuclear power plants in Japan to adapt FCVS and achieve early delivery for these plants.

A solution for increasing the safety of nuclear power plants, FCVS plays an important role in preventing damage to primary containment vessel (PCV) due to pressure rises in situations where severe damage has occurred to the reactor.

FCVS is also a filtering system for removing the radioactive material throughout different high efficient filter stages.