IAEA Asks Vietnam To Mix Current System To Nuclear Security

The International Atomic Energy Agency- IAEA has recently concluded its security advisory mission in Vietnam pertaining to nuclear power and has gone on to encourage the country to further integrate its current systems as well as measures into a policy based on national nuclear security.

The statement by the IAEA suggests that Vietnam has made considerable progress when it comes to putting in place an effective national nuclear security regime when it comes to either nuclear or numerous other radioactive materials out of regulatory control.

A robust nuclear security culture as well as smooth cooperation between the stakeholders involved are pivotal as far as detection and response to criminal acts involving radioactive and nuclear material are concerned, points out the IAEA Division of Nuclear Security Director, Elena Buglova.

She added that by urging a full length and scope mission related to the International Security Advisory, Vietnam has gone on to show its commitment to further focusing on areas like the legislative and regulatory framework when it comes to nuclear security in accordance with material out of regulatory control- MORC, the sustainability of identifying systems as well as measures, and also the response system concerning MORC.

It is well to note that the mission, which was requested as well as hosted by the Vietnam Agency when it comes to radiation and nuclear safety between March 19 and March 31, included a review pertaining to the nation’s laws and regulations as well as site visits in Ho Chi Minh City and Hanoi.

The team has also gone on to pinpoint good parties across the country besides Vietnam’s cooperation with other nations, the currently executed research programme on detection of radiation, and the capabilities and capacities of the nuclear security systems and steps taken for major public events.