Nuclear Energy And Clean Hydrogen Production Funded By DOE

On May 9, the US Department of Energy went on to award $22.1 million across 10 industry-led projects, including two that are aimed at expanding the production of clean hydrogen with nuclear energy. Apart from these two, the other projects include attempts to bring a design pertaining to a microreactor closer to deployment, enhance the operations of the existing reactors, take care of the regulatory hurdles pertaining to nuclear, and also help in the new advanced developments of the reactor.

Each of these projects will aid in the advancement of nuclear technology and also make sure that nuclear power plays an important role in meeting President Joe Biden’s goals for climate change and emission reduction.

This funding opportunity happens to be administered by the DOE’s Office of Nuclear Energy and is in partnership with NE. DOEs Hydrogen and Fuel Cell Technologies Office shall go ahead with providing funding as well as project oversight in terms of hydrogen production-related projects that have been selected.

As per Dr. Kathryn Huff, the assistant secretary of nuclear energy, the sector funding opportunity is important in assisting in reducing technical as well as economic challenges that happen to be associated with present and future nuclear technologies. The final round of awards goes on to support technological advancements to ensure that nuclear energy keeps on delivering power that’s emission-free to all Americans.