Nuclear Energy Insider: EDF, Sellafield join major nuclear decommissioning talks

The nuclear decommissioning market is set to boom in the coming decade, thereby creating huge business opportunities across Europe.

According to the European Commission, more than one third of the 144 reactors currently operating in the enlarged EU-27 will need to be shut down by 2025 – demonstrating the increasing importance of decommissioning in the years ahead.

Short ofa transformation in the current situation, the European commercial nuclear decommissioning market value stands at around£50.9bn.

In the UK, the Nuclear Decommissioning Authority (NDA) has maintained consistency by again allocating £3 billion in total planned expenditure for each year in the period 2012-2015.

Costs aside, decommissioning projects present variedchallenges in terms of contracting methods, baseline strategies, waste management, end value management, resources and, of course, time.If project times are to be reduced then careful planning is required and commonsense strategies must be put in place.

In order to advance the latest industry developments and learn from the first-hand experience of others, organisations such as EDF and Sellafield will be meeting with the supply chain in Manchester, April 15-16.

The conference they’ll be attending is undoubtedly the best chance in 2013 for service providers to meet and network with the SLCs and international utilities that are actively seeking new, innovative and practical solutions to aid their projects.

The 4th Annual Nuclear Decommissioning Conference will deliver leading nuclear market intelligence and analysis from the very best in the business – helping to develop a winning business strategy for new nuclear decommissioning projects.

Conference delegates will:

Receive exclusive case studies and near term strategies from the UK SLCs

Gain insight from lessons learned across Europe

Get an update on the latest regulatory developments from the NAO and ONR

Understand new decommissioning technologies, including advanced robotics, and their practical uses

Hear exclusive analysis of the Direct Services Alliance and Infrastructure Strategic Alliance

200+ decommissioning experts will come togetherfor two days of business criticalintelligence, unrivalled networking and stimulating discussion.With senior level representatives from across the UK and Europe, lead contractors and equipment providers and specialist service companies – can you afford to miss out?

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Jack Shillito

Senior Industry Analyst

Nuclear Energy Insider