Armour Energy’s Myrtle Basin well reaches a depth of 861m

Armour Energy has released the update of its northern territory drilling projects including Myrtle Basin 1 and the Lamont Pass 3.

The company has drilled to a depth of 861m top of the Barney Creek shale in the Myrtle Sub-basin of the McArthur basin at the Myrtle Basin 1, which is located 5km to the south of the Daly Waters to McArthur River pipeline.

The company expects to find the Shale gas formation at deeper stages of drilling and in more quantity compares to the prognosis.

According to the company, remaining part of the Barney Creek shale and the Coxco Dolomite formation in Myrtle Basin 1 can be core drilled to test for hydrocarbons and obtain geochemical laboratory data.

The company has reported connection gases of up to 100 units at the Lamont Pass 3 exploration well before setting casing at the depth of 304m.

Lamont Pass 3 is the company’s second hydrocarbon accumulations testing site and is located in the Glyde Sub-basin of the McArthur basin, 50km south of the Myrtle Sub-basin.