Buccaneer Energy’s Cosmo well flares gas on production test

Australia-based Buccaneer Energy announced that gas flared during a production test at its Cosmo # 1 well in the Cosmopolitan project, Alaska’s Cook Inlet.

A 73ft section of the sand at approximately 5,500ft measured depth (MD) was perforated and flow tested in the well, in which Buccaneer Energy and BlueCrest Energy hold 25% and 75% working interests, respectively.

The well has tested gas at a maximum rate of 7.2 million cubic feet per day on a 30/64″ choke with a flowing tubing pressure of 1,318 psi and no water.

A four-point test was done to estimate the reservoir’s absolute open flow potential. The company is now set to test the second gas zone at 4,300ft MD with a 60ft interval of perforations.

Logging, MDT and sidewall cores at the Cosmo # 1 well have confirmed an extensive hydrocarbon column covering numerous formations above the previously known oil reservoirs.

Cosmo # 1 was drilled on the crest of the structure and encountered geologic formations 200-300ft higher than those encountered by the Starichkof State # 1 well.