Business Continuity Management Consultancy, UK Business Continuity Management Consultancy

  • Petrofac Training Services has the reach to assist customers in developing their ability to respond to any disruption to their business operations.

  • managing the immediate response to changing events by developing a business support team
  • facilitating the board level interaction required to manage a crisis that has the capacity to destroy future business
  • understanding and application of recognised good practice to facilitate business recovery

We provide this support through access to a mix of regional consultants and our pool of business continuity management (BCM) experts who can help to deliver all aspects of a BCM programme aligned with BS 25999 or other accepted global standards.

Business continuity management

A BCM system provides the organisational backbone for the management of business disruption. The system includes a business impact analysis to understand the effects of disruption, the identification of appropriate recovery strategies, development and implementation of plans and the essential training and plan maintenance to ensure the solution remains effective.

Our approach to development and implementation of a BCM system is based on established global standards

  • BS 25999 (British Standards)
  • NFPA 1600 (National Fire Protection Association)
  • FEMA (Federal Emergency Management Agency)
  • SS540 (Singapore Standard)

Our global footprint ensures we are able to keep up to date with local changes and expectations. Our consultants can help with all phases of a BCM system programme, from establishing the overarching policy to the conduct of the key steps towards understanding the business. This includes undertaking a business impact analysis and compiling and exercising, effective, action based business continuity plans.

We recognise that rolling out a comprehensive BCM programme across a global business with a mix of office and operational locations is a significant challenge for Group level specialist BCM leadership teams. We are helping our clients to meet this resourcing challenge through our regional teams who have the detailed knowledge and experience to provide local implementation support, monitor effectiveness and report back.

Supply chain continuity management

Events such as the tsunami in Japan and the flooding in Thailand have demonstrated the global impacts of disruption to key suppliers. Understanding these risks, implementing improvement and recovery strategies including providing training in BCM to critical suppliers are additional challenges to hard pressed BCM teams. Access to our pool of expertise offers a route to scoping and addressing the supply chain continuity management problem.

Emergency response and crisis management

When the unexpected does happen, our emergency response and crisis management support is available to support response and recovery. This can range from a full service delivered through the ERSC or provision of an expert facilitator familiar with your business and your people, able to support your Board level crisis management team as it manages the issues threatening the business.