Caterpillar Introduces New Compact Energy Storage System

Caterpillar Inc. announced the introduction of Cat® Compact ESS, a new mobile battery energy storage system that supplements traditional mobile power solutions to reduce noise and enable deployment of renewable energy sources. Additionally, customers using efficiency gains to minimize fuel usage can reduce fuel costs, associated maintenance requirements and greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions when compared to continuous generator set usage.

Designed for rapid plug-and-play installation and integration, the Cat Compact ESS module can be used with any combination of diesel, natural gas or renewable energy sources such as solar or wind.  It stores surplus power from these energy sources and then discharges from its reserve as needed.  It is equipped with an energy control module (ECM), an onboard management system that continuously monitors load levels and automatically switches between generator set power and stored energy as necessary, only using the generator set for recharging or accommodating higher loads.

Cat Compact ESS modules are designed for applications requiring long periods of low loads, such as night-time loads, around-the-clock low loads, and time periods when a silent supply of energy is required.  When used in these applications, the Cat Compact ESS modules can increase power efficiency, resulting in decreased fuel usage, associated GHG emissions and maintenance costs over time.

Based on expected power needs, the Cat Compact ESS modules are ideal for equipment charging stations, offices, auxiliary buildings and security systems at construction, mining, oilfield, and pipeline worksites; remote agriculture operations such as irrigation; outdoor concerts, golf tournaments and other special events; and emergency response and other temporary power applications.

The Cat Compact ESS also enables remote monitoring and control of all connected systems, including generator sets, solar PV, inverters, grid, batteries, meters, and sensors.

Caterpillar offers two models of the Cat Compact ESS module, with configurations available for 50 Hz or 60 Hz applications.  The Cat XES60 provides up to 56.8 kWh of capacity, while the Cat XES120 delivers up to 127.9 kWh of capacity.  They are available now from Cat dealers in North America, Europe and Australia, with other territories to follow throughout the year.

Visitors to CONEXPO-CON/AGG in March can see the new Cat Compact ESS in the Sustainability Hub at Caterpillar’s outdoor Festival Lot exhibit, F9127.  It will be integrated with a 5.1 kW array of Cat PVC photovoltaic modules used to charge battery-electric machine prototypes featured at the show.

“Our customers are asking for additional options along with traditional power solutions to help them reduce emissions and noise,” said Jason Kaiser, senior vice president for Caterpillar Electric Power division.  “We’re excited to deliver this innovative power solution that is engineered for reliability, durability and value as part of our extensive and growing technology portfolio.”

Ready for Today’s Worksites

Enabling full recharging in as little as four hours, Cat Compact ESS modules feature advanced lithium-ion batteries to provide thermal stability, high discharge/recharge efficiency, and high cycle life. They can be configured with portable solar PV arrays and other sources of renewable energy to support our customers’ requirements and goals.

They offer simple, straightforward connections to generator sets and other energy sources, enabling quick and smooth worksite deployment.

Users of the Cat Compact ESS module can subscribe to advanced data collection, visualization reporting and alert capabilities.  Through an easy-to-use web interface, this technology helps track and manage the operation of the system in real time, confirm desired cost savings, flag potential problems, perform remote troubleshooting, offer long-term archives of site performance history, and identify opportunities for further operational or system enhancement.

Cat Compact ESS modules are packaged in weather- and debris-resistant enclosures for deployment in rugged working conditions, and they can easily be mounted on tow trailers to simplify transport and repositioning around the jobsite.

Caterpillar delivers innovative power systems engineered for sustainability, durability, reliability, and value. The company offers worldwide product support, with parts and services packaged in customer value agreements available through the Cat authorized service and dealer network. In addition, dealer technicians are trained to provide a comprehensive range of maintenance and services that help customers optimize the total cost of ownership of Cat equipment.