Gas Emergency For 2023-24 Is A Reality – German Regulator

Germany’s energy authority has ruled out a gas supply crisis for the present winter but cannot give the all-clear for the 2023–24 season, its president told a German newspaper.

According to Klaus Mueller, who told the Rheinische Post, they cannot rule out a gas shortage for the coming winter. The risk factors include the fact that the winter of 2023–2024 will be especially cold and that households as well as industries are not saving enough.

Further concerns may arise if Germany’s scheduled liquefied natural gas import infrastructure collapses and neighbouring countries demand supply assistance from Europe’s biggest economy in the future.

So far, Germany has successfully countered Russia’s decision to cut off most of its gas supply to the country, profiting from warm temperatures, decreased demand, and alternative suppliers stepping in.

German gas storage reserves are currently at 63.89%, far beyond crucial criteria that would explain Berlin’s raining down gas consumption, primarily due to unusually warm temperatures in recent months.

Households and businesses, on the other hand, are still being pushed to use less.

The most dangerous factor is the weather. One can’t count on the next winter being similarly mild. Many instantly stop saving when it gets cold. According to Mueller, they saved more than 20% on gas in October last year, but only 7% in December.