Cummins launches new C25G natural gas generator series

Cummins Inc will introduce its latest gas product innovation, the C25G gas generator series, to the global power generation markets during the 2020 Middle East Energy (MEE) show.

The C25G series is engineered to deliver increased fuel efficiency while providing reduced maintenance costs. This new series is suitable for a diverse set of industries ranging from hospitals and manufacturing to commercial building and utilities requiring reliable continuous operation.

“Following the launch of the HSK78G gas generator series, Cummins is now extending its portfolio with the addition of the C25G gas series, offering a wider range of integrated solutions to better serve the needs of our customers across key power nodes,” said Chris Downs, Cummins global energy management marketing leader.

The C25G series complies with all global emissions regulations, while delivering high electrical efficiency. In addition to its generator capabilities, the innovative control systems fitted to the C25G series provide users with access to advanced monitoring, diagnostics and predictive analytics, maximizing the generator’s runtime and reducing maintenance labor costs.

The greater fuel flexibility offered by the C25G series allows users to utilize a wide range of fuels, including pipeline natural gas and low British thermal unit (BTU) fuels offering robust uninterruptible power, any time.

In addition to the fuel flexibility, the C25G series can minimize the environmental impact with its cogeneration capabilities and low NOx emissions meeting the global product compliance requirements. Additional benefits linked with the cogeneration offering involve CO2 recovery to be used for heating, cooling or steam generation; or users can sell the excess power back to the national grid, which offers additional financial savings.

See the unveiling of the Cummins C25G gas generator series on March 3, during the opening of the 2020 MEE show.