Greenpeace launches new whistleblowing website to report arctic drilling plunder

Greenpeace International, a non-government, environmental organization, has launched its new whistleblowing website to expose and report the risky practices that offshore companies are indulging in to exploit the Arctic region.

The website named went live on 24 April 2013.

The organization has already made a direct appeal to the oil industry employees to share information particularly about the operational safety practices, potential environmental regulation breaches and other useful inside data.

Greenpeace has taken the initiative to save the Arctic region from industrialization and when safety practices with regards to drilling operations are not obeyed.

In the last one year, Shell was found to repeatedly commit safety blunders resulting in oil spill, while failure to meet barge safety standards resulted in a rig to crumble in Alaska.

Greenpeace International Arctic oil head Ben Ayliffe said the truth about Shell’s poor drilling safety standards would never have been exposed had it not been under the close public and media scrutiny.

“That is why we are looking for information relating to oil drilling in the far north, which would usually be kept under wraps,” Ayliffe added.

“The public needs to know about the incredible risks these companies are taking each and every day they drill in the fragile Arctic.

“The human, environmental and economic impacts of an accident in the polar north would be catastrophic, and we hope this new website will reveal the truth about the gamble oil companies like Shell are willing to take.”

The website said that name of sources sharing inside information will be kept secret and will use the information to challenge irresponsible practices in the Arctic.