Siemens Energy to power Malaysian LNG project

Germany-based Siemens Energy will supply compression solutions for LNG plant in Malaysia turbo compressors and mechanical drive gas turbines for a liquefied natural gas (LNG) project in Malaysia.

Under the new contract, the company will minimize gas flaring at the Petronas Bintulu LNG Plant in Sarawak, and improve overall plant efficiency.

The firm will install its gas-turbine-driven cryogenic-temperature Boil-Off Gas (BOG) turbo compressor to reliquefy excessive BOG evaporating out of the LNG storage tanks.

Commenting on the project, Siemens Energy Oil & Gas division CEO Adil Toubia said it will increase the LNG production rate, improve plant efficiency, and minimize greenhouse gas emissions.

“Instead of being flared, the boil-off gas will be reliquefied, converted into LNG and routed back to the LNG storage tanks,” Toubia added.

Petronas subsidiary Malaysia LNG (MLNG) is implementing the LNG project in Sawarak, whose EPC contractor is Germany-based LINDE Engineering.

The project is expected to complete in April 2014, while the LNG plant may begin operation in October 2014.

Toubia stated that the company will continue to implement innovative solutions and technology to create value along the LNG chain.

“This order again also consolidates Siemens’ technology and market leadership in cryogenic temperature Boil-Off Gas compressors services, our strong presence for mid-size liquefaction and our flexibility to provide intelligent solutions for new markets as well.”