WFS Technologies Announces The Launch Of Seatooth S100 Development Kit And OEM Product

Today WFS announces the launch of 2 additions to the Seatooth®S100 product family – the Seatooth® S100 OEM and Seatooth® S100 Development Kit.

Seatooth® S100 OEM is a compact, radio modem/multiplexer/data logger/controller designed for integration with subsea instrumentation, vehicles, divers and consumer products. It supports wireless data streaming at up to 2.4kbps over up to 5m through seawater, and the seabed/water and water/air boundaries. The S100 supports the most commonly used interfaces – 4-20mA, Digital IN/OUT, RS-232 and RS-485.

The S100 can also be used as a multiplexer to convert signals from analogue and digital to serial formats, as an ON/OFF controller for remote devices and as a data logger to store up to 400,000 time-stamped data points.

The Seatooth® S100 OEM incorporates an ultra-low power sleep mode for extended deployment. It can be wakened from sleep by a nearby radio or by the internal real time clock. It can also be configured in point-to-point and static network topologies.

Seatooth® S100 Development Kit provides the hardware, software and cables for integration and trial. It includes 2 x S100 OEM modems, RS-232, RS 485 interface boards, software drivers and interface cables.